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Jim Molinaro...can someone summarize


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Dont be ridiculous man. :rolleyes:

Actually what was asked, along with Cooleys hair and the contest they have with who can grow it the longest was his choice for Tackle or Gaurd. Also found out he was a DT in college before changing to OL in his juinor year. Also he asked how he felt about learning his groove on the team and competing with the new OL pickups.

The rest was alot of off-season talk but some tidbits here and there. If youre going to recap what was said then dont just take out what you want and complain about it. Its the off-season so take what you can get. :)

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He also said he started out with the Redskins as a guard in training camp in 2004. But Chris Samuels got hurt for a week or two and they moved him over to tackle and hasn't gone back to guard since.

He said he is looking forward to this season because he's now one of the main back-ups, presumably because Ray Brown is gone. He thinks it's good timing and that his career is ready for it or something to that effect.

He also mentioned he can play both tackle positions and that he's currently 6'7" 320 pounds, which is pretty big for a tackle.

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