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Cable competition any time soon?


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Down in the boondocks where I live you can't even get Verizon DSL!

The ironic part is you'll probably be able to get FiOS Internet access eventually, so you'll be going right from dialup to 15Mb download speeds... :laugh:

Verizon is really pushing FiOS heavily.

My future in-laws have never been able to get DSL in Buffalo, now they're getting things sent to them from Verizon for FiOS.

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i have adelphia and i don't mind it. they don't make you sign a contract and they don't care if you downgrade your service. it's still pretty expensive, but it's good to know i will be able to get away from them if i find something better without having to pay any fees.

the picture quality with adelphia is a lot better than cox. i always hated cox. i had a problem with my adelphia internet a couple months ago. the problem only lasted a week or so, but they didn't charge me at all for that whole month. i can't complain too much.

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