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Originally posted by codeorama

Honestly, the Cowboys are not a bad team, the qb just sucks. He had a decent day vs. the Titans, but he missed so many wide open receivers that they could have slaughtered them. Quincy sucks.

Quincy did NOT suck today, and he was MORE than decent. He missed open recievers....all of two.

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I'm as amazed by the win this week as I was by the loss last week. Carter's a kid, he's going to have good days and bad days. If the Cowboys are going to be successful, his bad days are going to have to look a lot better than they did in week 1. Also, the Cowboys still can't run the ball. If Quincy can burn a couple more defenses deep, maybe they can get the running game going.

I'm hoping the Cowboys can play .500 ball in September and October. Their youth and depth should be an advantage as the season goes on. So far, so good.

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