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1. After a shouting match with Parcells during training camp, Owens is sent home for a week. A media circus ensues in front of his house as he works out in his driveway, doing crunches and lifting weights for TV cameras and reporters.

2. In an interview aired on FOX, Owens says the team would be better off with the Eagles' Donovan McNabb starting at quarterback instead of the injured Drew Bledsoe and blasts the Cowboys for not marking his 100th career sideline tantrum.

3. Dallas suspends Owens over the latest comments. Two days later, the Cowboys extend the suspension to four games and tell Owens not to return.

4. An arbitrator rules that the Cowboys' suspension was justified and that the team is within its rights to deactivate Owens for the remainder of the season.

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Nothing will happen this year. Just like in Philly, TO will be on his best behavior.

Year 2 will be interesting. That's when he could start going off.

But all in all, I think TO won't be as much of a problem.

1 - because the contract the Boys gave him will make him the highest paid WR in football over the next 3 years.


2 - he's in his 30's and this will probably be his last strike if something goes wrong.

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Don't forget, Philthy loves to pass the ball around. No running game whatsoever. In dallass, Parcell's about ball control. Bledsoe panicks under pressure and he's no McNabb when trying to elude the pass rush and will throw into coverage. I just don't see this deal with the devil going beyond mid season.

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