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Hey, Im a newbie... Just wanted to say hey, was raised in Alexandria, Va and Fredricksburg till I was in HS and moved to WNC... Grew up a skins fan still love and follow em now, even though Im 10 hrs away and dont get up there much anymore... GO SKINS!!!

Anyone I need to avoid, help make fun of, etc? :cool:


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Welcome! You're going to love this place.

I only have one suggestion for you. Before you start a topic, use the search to make sure the topic doesn't already exist. The mods are friendly, and will usually just close your topic and give you an explanation why...but a lot of people on this board will rip you apart.

As long as you love the Skins though, we all got something in common. :)

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This site is definitely addicting! It will not take long for you to get hooked, with everything and anything Redskins how can you not? Make sure you search, search, and uh.. search before you start a new thread. That is one of the main pet peeves of this board. With that said-- Welcome aboard! :cheers:

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