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Sportingnews doesn't give us much of a chance

Dirk Diggler

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They didn't give us a chance against the Broncos either. See how much that mattered huh? Its really something how these Eagle fans can come on this board and talk smack about their team. The same team that lost to the Arizona Cardinals at home. The Eagles might still end up winning the East, but if they think for one minute that they will go much further then that, the jokes on them!

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I want them ALL to trash the Skins with their comments. Nothing like proving them wrong! I am sure the Eagles know that feeling from before smile.gif

Now that much is expected out of us. The pressure is on the Eagles to deliver on every word, promise, prediction, hope, dream, contract, prayer, and wish.

We play with fun and abandonment, because of the love of the game, look up and down the roster and you see these Skins have their scars and are still going to play in this one.....that's more than heart and desire

<FONT COLOR="Yellow">HTTR!!!!</FONT c> injun.gif

[edited.gif by indyskinsfan on November 21, 2001.]

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The Eagles D-line is OK. They really aren't that good at stopping the run, an area where we should look to exploit them. They blitz constantly, and we should be able to take advantage of that, especially with Banks' quick feet.

No excuses, we should be able to win this one...

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The problem with a lot of the media is that they are looking at our season at a whole.

But teams have trends during the season, and it's a better idea to look at what they are doing recently. So taking the last 4 games: smile.gif

The Eagles are 3-1, the Skins are 4-0.

The Skins have been the #6 offense, the Eagles #20.

The Skins have the #6 defense, the Eagles the #2.

So one might say that the Skins have the greater offensive advantage.

But stats where there are larger differences do jump out:

The Skins rush defense ranking is ranked #4 while the Eagles rush defense is ranked #16, while our rush offense is ranked #2 and theirs is ranked #4.

So we have the edge of the #2 rush offense going against the #16 rush defense, vs the Eagles #4 rush offense going against our #4 rush defense.

Passing matchup:

Skins #25 pass offense going against the #2 pass defense.

Eagles #29 pass offense going against our #14 pass defense

Based on that, one would have to give the passing edge to Philly.

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