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I'd rather have Abraham than Carter. I understand the appeal of Carter's versatility, but I think that versatility, in today's NFL is really only applied to the offensive side of the football. On the defensive side of the football, you need role players. You need players to clog up the middle of the line, you need players to pressure the quarterback and you need players to cover the receivers. I'm not sure where Carter fits in that picture. I'd rather sign a guy like Abraham who I can plug in at DE and let him go after the QB and address OLB through the draft. What's also not being said is that there may be some skepticism about Peterson and his price could soon start to drop. All I'm saying is that our defense is about discipline and players willing to play a specific role in that defense (which may be why Lavar didn't work out). I'd rather have a guy like Abraham whose role would be much more concrete than for someone like Carter...

Just my two cents...


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