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NFC is starting to beef up...


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Is it just me, or does it seem like NFC teams are the main players in the free agency so far?

Edgerin James, Antwan Randle El, Sam Madison, Maake Kemoeatu, chester taylor, and probably adam vinateri and Akin Adoyele, are all former AFC players that have gone to the NFC.

Not only that, but it seems like all of the NFC players are staying in the NFC. Brandon Lloyd, Steve Hutchinson, Ryan Longwell, Deshaun Foster, Corey Chavous, Will Witherspoon and Aaron Kampman.

Does it seem like the NFC is making a much stronger move in FA than the AFC? So far, NFC have done a lot better, and are starting to make better teams. Is anyone worried that with the influx of AFC players, and with all of the NFC players that we ave, that the NFC will be even more competitive next year than it was tis year year?

Because I have a feeling that some of the teams out there making big moves that could turn there teams into playoff contentders. I hope that the AFC starts to take some of the players away after we sign all of our players, so that things will even out.

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the other nfc teams need to BEAF up, ha that is funny just to write, in order to compete wit the nfc east and the seahawks teams know they need to improve, but seriously our offense will be legit, all we need is a decent defense and we will be fine, so pumped to see what saunders and gibbs can come up with

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