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Philadelphia Area Skins Fans going to Beach Blitz

Bostic Hog

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I am a Redskins season ticket holder and I live in the Philadelphia area. I am STRONGLY considering going to Virginia Beach for the 1st Annual Beach Blitz. My wife has already given me the kitchen pass for the weekend. My buddy with whom I go to the Skins games is probably going with me as well.

The reason for this post: If there is anyone in the Philly area that wants to go but needs to carpool, let me know. Like I said, this is not written in stone yet that I am going, but its looking good. Doubletree right at the Convention Center (and only 6 blocks from the beach - with a free shuttle) is only $140 a night.

This sounds like one hell of a weekend and I want everyone to go !! Let me know if you may be interested in carpooling (I'm gonna drive).

Also, I'm trying to find a place near Philly to do all away games. Give me ideas !! We will overtake some poor old saloon owner and make it a Redskins bar on away game Sundays !!

:eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck

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