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David Patten This Season and His Audio Cast


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i get called a bandwagon fan a lot, but my family, my life long friends and those that have been acquainted with me several years now in and around Montgomery County know where my loyalties stand as a football fan. i've been a life long Redskins fan of the NFC since the age of 6 and a big Patriots fan of the AFC since back in the mid to late 90's and was really happy when Washington signed David Patten on last season. i'm a die hard fan of both these ball clubs and every season i travel as much as my limited expenses allow me to, in and around the country to watch them play. this season won't be be any different as i am already planning trips to watch the Redskins @ Colts game, in addition to watching the rematch of Super Bowl 31 of the Patriots @ Packers game. i live for and die for both of these teams, and every season there is nothing more that i love to do than be able to watch both these franchises do battle in the NFL, rather it be a Sunday or Monday game, or the Thursday and Saturday night games they show a couple times throughout the football season. the Redskins to me, besides the days of Spurrier, because i hated that era with a passion, have always been a symbol in my mind of what a TEAM is all about and that is the exact same quality i saw in the Patriots back in 10th grade when i became an instant fan of theirs long before they ever won a single Super Bowl.

i guess what i am trying to say is that David Patten's web cast put a lot into perspective for myself, because my favorite part, besides when he said, "everyone before the season already gave the Colts the Super Bowl, and looked what happened to them." (the New England fan in me loved that), but my favorite parts were all the enthusiasm he had towards the Redskins as an organization, but also how he was talking about the Redskins being just one game away from making it to the NFC Championship and so close to the Super Bowl, because the Super Bowl every season is really up for grabs. Patten's

injury last season was unfortunate and as i am listening to his Redskins web cast right now, its really awesome to hear him talk about how he knows that great things are right on the horizon for the Redskins. not only is David one stand up individual and a WR who runs good routes, but he is first and foremost a great team player and i have known this for almost 10 years now. i'm looking forward to football season more and more as each day goes by just like every year, and i can't wait till Patten is able to take the field again with the Redskins opening day.

in the end, rather it be this season, or the 07'-08' year when the Patriots play the Redskins during the regular season, i know i will be having an inner battle so to say, but in the end i will be cheering for the Redskins to triumph. being a fan of dual teams to me is like that of loving two different girls. the love of that 2nd girl brought you to new roads, but the love of that first girl showed you what love is really all about.

btw, if you didn't already know it..... :dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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Didn't know that he was actually healthy in Seattle. Too bad he couldn't play.

I like the fire he has. I hope it translates on the field, unlike last year.


Yeah, he said he had actually been healthy for the last third of the season if I remember correctly, but they had to make a decision and based on the severity of the injury at the time they opted to not tie up roster space and put him on IR. I'm looking forward to seeing what a fresh Patten can do this season.

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