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Here are the team assignments, at long last! Notice some have you been drafted to take one team or more. <img border="0" alt="[Evil]" title="" src="graemlins/evil.gif" /> Look carefully. If you really can not do it, e-mail me at rmowens@justice.com<br /><br />The Mock draft itself will be set at a time that works for the majority of the board so you will be able to "mail in" your picks if your teams time slot does not work.<br /><br />It will be only a three round mock draft but feel free to trade higher round picks. Actually, feel free to trade just about anything I suppose.<br /><br /> Houston - Buddah<br />Indy - Romo sits to pee<br />Jax - The Chosen One<br />Tenn - Da Freak<br />Denver - SKIndiana<br />K.C. - Tay<br />Oakland - NavyDave<br />San Diego - Redskins HQ<br />Baltimore - Romo sits to pee<br />Pittsburgh - BallCoach Spurrier<br />Cinci - OrangeSkin<br />Cleveland - Braves On Warpath<br />Buffalo - Die Hard<br />Maimi - Om<br />New England - SPare<br />N.Y. Jets - Dirk Diggler<br />Dallas - IndySkinsFan<br />Washington - Blade<br />N.Y. Giants - BallCoachSpurrier<br />Philly - IndySkinsFan<br />Chicago - Bandit f/k/a Bufford<br />Detroit - B&G<br />Green Bay - Hog Feaver<br />Tampa Bay - Braves On Warpath<br />Minn. - Jimbo<br />Atlanta - RySkins<br />New Orleans - I Am Ryan<br />Carolina - Gargantuan<br />Arizona - Dr.D<br />St. Louis - Dr.D<br />San Fran. - Ace33<br />Seattle - Novato

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