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sinorice moss


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any chance we could get sinorice moss, i think it would b great to have the moss brothers at WR , it would make for some good chemistry, or mabye a bigger WR what u think?

No way, he's projected to go to Miami unless of course we trade down to that spot but I highly doubt it.

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There is already a thread about potential WR's. Please use your search button, or at least scroll over the topics to make sure your idea couldn't be discussed in an already existing thread. This will be closed soon enough, but try to review the forum rules before creating any more threads please. The people who run this site are cracking down on this, and the younger guys are catching the most crap (unfortunately the young ones ARE usually behind it). Thanks.

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what u think?

I think you're asking for an encore. :)

I think you're lost. I think you're looking for a board that allows a low end of conversation. I think you need to desperately step up to the bar that has been set here. I think you should never under estimate the power of punctuation. I think reading the Forum Rules would do you a load of good. I think you may not even read this whole response. I think you need to figure out that this message board isn't aim or MySpace. I think that if you've made it this far in this response, you may be wondering what you got yourself into. I think that 'Jan 2006' may be the new 'Sept 2005'. I think that the letter 'e' should be stricken from alphabet. I think you may be able to pick up your game. I think that if you do, you'll enjoy your stay here a lot more. I think I'll stop here with what I think & save the rest for the book.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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