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1) We limped into the play-offs.

2) We didn't win - and that is the ONLY thing that counts. So....one is left to wonder...will we advance upon last season? Too early to tell. but to get better - that is sign players who can help us - we will have to continue practices of ther past (i.e., sign players to high priced contracts we later restructure or cut the player - not a startegy that builds longevity, consistency, etc.). we still haven't done well with the draft - we are doing better....but not much. and, with this team, even the high draft picks now have to be assessed on whther they stick witht he team beyond 5 years.

Huh - how many playoff wins did we have when Lavar was starting?

3) You exaggerate. he proved himself on the field many times - too many are building a strawman case. he had great games and games he wasn't a factor.

He may have had some great games 4 or 5 years ago but nothing over the last 2. Does it make sense to stunt the growth of the rest of the team for one backup who thinks he's all world?

4) With all due respect - you have no lue about his off-field activities. You just have the silliness that we have read about in tyhe press. No one on this board knows whaty sort of teammate he has been, what he has done for his community, what he has done for folks elsewhere than DC...

I wasn't referring to his community work, etc. I'm sure he did some good things. However, the LB's I listed never called the press into their living rooms to complain about how they were handled by the organization. They also didn't complain to the press about the way the team announced their injuries, etc. I may have picked things up from the press but it's because Lavar put them there. He couldn't help himself.

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