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Are all these Skin re-works contingent?


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All of these contract re-works that the Redskins are doing: are they all contingent on the CBA not being extended? Most (if not all) work out in the favor of the players if the CBA isn't extended. But we could create a healthy amount of cap space and still be sound in future capped years if the CBA is extended. I'm guessing, but I expect, that all of these re-works are contingent, and that favors the team.

I've been watching in amazement at this unfolding and it's clear that the Redskins have a specific contract strategy that realisticly deals with the player's motivations while improving our cap situation. Joe said that Dan had a plan.

He may never get credit for it, but Dan had a plan before he hired Joe. He and his people thought out the "cash buys cap" strategy and years ago they figured out how to deal with '06, '07, & '08. And then they explained it to Joe. And Joe has been very consistent in saying that Dan has a plan since Dan hired him.

And it's just amazing to watch it unfold as all the critics have to eat their words . . .


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I've always found it particularly enjoyable to watch Dan Snyder at work. I know many people don't like him. And quite honesetly I love that. The guy consistently makes sports writers look like idiots. Year after year, we are in cap hell, and surely the Redskins will make drastic roster cuts according to the media. Well, somehow, I've never seen that happen.

Here here to cap hell.

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If the Times article is correct then the Redskins should be able to selectively pro-rate those '06 bonuses out 7 years instead of 4, not allow CP to have unrestricted free agency in '09, not overcommit to Brunell and still have enough cap space to be a player in free agency.

Part of me wants no extension just so that Danny can prove that he really can get under the cap without extensive cuts, but a bigger part of me wants Joe to have the best team possible to coach in these last few years that he will coach.

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