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What Happens to Released Players if a New CBA is Reached?


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Are the newly released players permitted to hit market as free agents, or are they grandfathered in under the terms of their previous contracts? If a new CBA is reached, how many players will want to return to the team that tossed them out before all negotiation options were exhausted? This could be a huge P.R. disaster for the F.O.'s which canned these talented players.

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Due to the 3 day push back of FA toady, anyone that was told they were cut TODAY, is now, in fact, not cut.

This is such a farse. Not because this was allowed to happen but because teams actually cut players before the deadline. I gotta believe these players would have been cut no matter what. Dan Snyder is showing his business savy in all of this. I applaud how the Redskins are handling this.

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