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2006 Preseason Package (SOLD!!!)

Die Hard

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As a VERY generous donation.... SkinsNut73 has offered his pre-season tickets (and green parking pass) to me to sell off with the proceeds going to my youth football team fundraising drive:


The package is for both home games... with green parking pass for each game: 2 seats in section 410, row 11, seats 7 and 8. The face value of the tickets is $59/each plus $25 for parking pass.

Please PM me if you are interested.


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For the record, SkinsNut73 has also donated a pair of tickets (same seats) to a home regular season game. The game will be one of 4 available games... to be determined once the regular season schedule has been released.

The buyer of the preseason tickets will get first dibs on the purchase of the regular season game as well.

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I am definitely considering it but let me think it over some more. Now for those ticket prices at $59 each, is that $59 for one seat for both games or just one seat for one game?

$59/ticket... per game. 2 tickets per game.

So essentially $118 (for 2 tickets) per game. And the green parking pass is a seperate entity (worth $25) that will be thrown into the package. Face value for all 3 games is basically $143/game (2 tickets and parking pass).

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