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2002 free agency<br />Random free-agency thoughts<br />Patriots stick to game plan; here come the Browns<br />By Ron Pollack, Editor-in-chief<br />As published in print March 25, 2002<br /><br />I don’t understand why everyone is all up in arms that Redskins head coach Steve Spurrier is bringing back all of his ex-Gators on offense. He hasn’t overpaid for guys like Jacquez Green, Reidel Anthony and Danny Wuerffel. At best, it turns out these guys take a big step up in production by reuniting with Spurrier. At worst, Spurrier gets to implement his offense with guys who will have a quick learning curve before ultimately having to replace them.<br /><br />I like the Redskins’ addition of LB Jessie Armstead. Yes, his play has slipped dramatically. But they didn’t break the bank for him, and he can be a veteran presence for rising star LaVar Arrington<br />--------------<br />Kind of sounds like what a few guys said around here as it so often does.

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