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That teacher was acting like a timid little girl though. I had a couple teachers in high school who just blew up. They got everyone's attention. And my personal favorite, in one of my classes this girl just kept back talking the teacher, and she called in security, which consisted of a huge guy, and a Fairfax county police officer. She didn't back talk them, just got up quietly and left.

I would have probably lost it on those kids. I have a very short fuse.

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I guess since my grandma was a teacher and my great-unc was an educator at a military academy I was raised differently.

It's not to say I was NEVER bad, but my mom and dad woulda whooped my ___ if they found out about that kind of behavior.

Hell, I got spanked when a teacher LIED about what I was doing in ART CLASS.

When I was in 5th grade, we had a teacher (this is in pub school, but it was 87, so maybe laws were different) named Mr. Wilson. He would employ corporal punishment and sometimes would present us with the choice (if it was a minor infraction) between being stung on the hand with the pointer or staying in for recess. People RESPECTED and FEARED him. But they loved him too. Parents need to stop believing their children are perfect or that they need defending when they're doing wrong and kids need to be smacked a little when they act up. Not everyone responds to reason and concepts like 'honor' and 'courtesy.'

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