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Roy (Not Ed) Simmons at it again. Gay ex-Giant is sueing the league.

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I Just heard that despicable lady Gloria Alred on the radio saying that Roy Simmons is going to sue the NFL for discrimination because he wasn't granted a media pass for the Super Bowl. Gloria will be representing Roy in his case apparently. Remember, this is the guy who claims he did cocaine before the 1984 Super Bowl and had male AND female lovers staying at the same hotel in Tampa for the game.

Does anyone know if this guy even started one single game? This guy is an embarrassment to the Redskins- I wish people would just call him an ex-Giant since he played for them first. He was only on the Skins for one year and we got rid of him because he was such a mess.

I did a search and saw all the old articles- but this is a brand new story.

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A nightmare trifecta would have been THREE Brunnell to Moss TD's on Monday night. Turns out- the Skins only treated you to a nightmare Daily Double.....

There's always next year- don't worry!

You guys sure mention that alot, Like I am supposed to care about what happened months ago, in cas4e you didnt notice seasons over and you didnt win anything LOL we are all 0-0 now

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