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France Could Have A Woman President


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That would be kind of weird with them and Germany both having female leaders and both from opposite political sides sort of.

I am not so sure that France will go Socialist though.

Hard to believe that Chirac has a 21% approval rating.

It's good to be in the USA. ;)


"By Eric Pape

Newsweek International

Feb. 13, 2006 issue - French politics has always been a manly world, no place more so than the Elysee Palace. Almost forever, it seems, France's presidents have been cut from similar cloth, distinguished by a shared hauteur if not grandeur, self-imagined or otherwise. De Gaulle comes immediately to mind. So do Mitterrand and Chirac. Yet as the latter's star continues to wane among the French populace, a new figure has burst upon the scene. Her name: Segolene Royal. Though very much not a man, this elegant version of the sensible soccer mom could well become France's next president."

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