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How awesome would that be?

Snyder should start one up.

Entrants into the Redskins HoF for 06 can be Monk, Grimm, and Green, with Sammy Baugh the technical first entrant.

We should retire their jersies too.

With our rebirth of success should come a reunderstanding of the past.

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Surprisingly, Sammy Baugh is still alive. He is 90+ and lives in Texas. He hasn't been to D.C. in over 30 years. We should bring him for something like that. Sammy Baugh aprreciation day. Let him give a pre-game speech. He might not be around too much longer and he was the FIRST person elected to the Hall of Fame (by default because they were elected in alphabetical order). He still is the greatest 60-minute man to ever play the game.

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