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Tech Question - Regarding File Transfers

Ricky Ervins

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I want to transfer a 15 gigabyte file from my laptop to desktop pc.

I have a linksys router, and have heard you can do this quite simply by establishing a network connection between the 2 devices. However I havent been able to find good directions on how to do this.

Can anyone either post a detailed explanation on how to do this or post a link for a website with a detailed explanation.

(I am running XP on both machines)


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Here's a pretty good link that should be able to walk you through it.

Setting up a Network - WinXP

For Windows XP computers, open the start menu, then open 'my computer' and right click the 'my network places' option on the left of the screen under 'other places', and select 'properties.'

Sharing files with WinXP

WinXP Important note: By default, Windows XP Professional (not Home Edition) installs a hidden share for EVERY drive. This means that every file on your XP computer can potentially be accessed from the network or the Internet. Since XP Professional was designed to be used in a business network environment, these shares were intended to allow a network administrator to access important files remotely. Only members of the Administrators group on your computer can access these shares.

That should get you what you need.

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First establish a TCP/IP connection. If you have "obtain IP Address Automatically" under network connections on both your notebook and PC you should be good-to-go. Assuming both are connected to the linksys router. Just go to Start - Run and type in cmd. At the prompt type ipconfig/all and see if you have an assigned IP address, default gateway and DNS servers for both the PC and notebook. the IP address should be very similar (but not exact) on each device. At the command prompt ping each device to ensure connectivity.

Next, using XP, select control panel and select network connections. On the upper left select "setup home or small office network". Follow the appropriate steps and set your computer to operate on a small network. Do this for both the PC and notebook. Make sure the Workgroup name is the exact same for each device.

Finally, go into windows explorer and select the drives and/or directories you want to share and select "sharing and security" and enable sharing. Do this for each machine.

Under windows exporer at the bottom select "my network places" and find the other computer under the designated workgroup.

This is quick and dirty. Let me know if you need further explanation.

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