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As much as hate to see a good person leave the organization, it is a probability that Patrick Ramsey will not be a Redskin next season. I was just wondering what everyone else thought his prospects were for the future.

He obviously has a lot of talent, and I think he could be a heck of a team leader in the future. I have always liked him, he made a lot of mistakes in his first two years trying to force things, but I think he has learned a lot in the last two years from the coaching staff and from Brunell.

I know you can not tell a lot from a fraction of a game, but he looked like a different player against the Giants. He made excellent decisions, not forcing things like he was prone to in the past. I really have the feeling that he turned the corner in that game, and that he is going to be a productive player in the future.

In a perfect world, he could stay with the Skins, but after drafting Campbell, that does not look like a likely option.

I wish him the best, but it is one of those situations where I think he needs a change of scenery in order to succeed. What does everyone else think?


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I'm still holding out hope that both sides step back, take a look at the situation, and reconsider what they seem to be headed towards. From the team's standpoint, salary-wise and depth-wise heading into next year, it makes absolutely no sense to trade Ramsey.

From Ramsey's standpoint, if I was him I'd just ask for a shot to win the job, and if I got Gibbs's word that I'd have it, I'd forget about a trade. If he could get on the field and play well, this team, system and personnel is a situation he will not find anywhere else in the league, and he could very well end up getting that big contract next year. Not to mention not having to pull up roots, learn a new offense, get to know new teammates, and adjust to a new city.

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