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  1. Kobe's finished. You have to move on from old busted talent.
  2. It's going to be funny when the Lakers miss out on Lebron and Melo. I wonder how many years it's going to take for people to realize that Jim Buss is not Jerry. Edit: Here's a good article on how the Rockets transformed their roster Post Yao to today without top 5 picks like a certain team that is close to us.
  3. You can hear the announcers, not a dirty play.
  4. Please, the Beverly play was dirty. It was Busch league no matter what the outcome. But what makes it bad is the fact that it tore a superstar player's meniscus and it was totally unnecessary. Which is a big reason it's not usually done. Beverly had been playing dirty the whole series, this was just the most visible and unfortunate example of it.The Arenas rule Morey exploited to sign Lin and Asik is a poison pill technique. It's an curiously problematic rule and Morey pissed off the Knicks and Bulls by doing it. The problem is that Morey got to average the cap hit out over the course of the c
  5. Bad karma are you kidding? The Westbrook play was unfortunate and a play Westbrook attempted during the year. So if you want to talk karma look at it that way. Poison pills? Bulls and New York could have matched but they have massive inflated contracts elsewhere so they chose not to match. Thier loss, not mine. And how did they steal a disgruntled player? Harden? Harden was shopped. Dwight? Dwight never wanted to go to LA in the first place. It's funny how you say Miami and the Lakers have bad karma, yet have won multiple championships. Maybe all this bad karma you speak o
  6. Steelers have PSL's. A much bigger rip off than a $3 fee.
  7. Moved down 6 rows in 407 and got a green pass. Cracking open a Resurrection to celebrate.
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