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How good is Jason Campbell?


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This thread will probably get closed in a few minutes, however... J-Cam is the truth, and yes, he will be in the starting mix come next year. Saunders as well as Gibbs understands that Brunell may not survive into week 6 next year. You can expect Jason Campbell to either start outright (pre-season dominance), or you can expect him Starting NO later than week 6...

He is the FUTURE, the FUTURE is now... We have Al Saunders, so basically that nearly guarantees us at least 24 points on the board every game. We have Gregg and HIS defense on the OTHER end of the ball...


J-Cam will get his time to shine. Gibbs understands this and he brought on all to help.

Gibbs For Life!!!

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Yeah probobly will be closed... have had enough on this topic. However..

We have no idea how good JC is at this point. Only JG and company know that. Hes only played in very limited preseason action, and thats it. To say he is good or bad without actually letting him play in some games would be foolish. As for starting next year, I doubt it. Very few QBs can start succesfully in their 2nd year. Even fewer(like none that I can ever think of) can be succesful in their 2nd y ear with no starts in their first. Its basicaly putting your team in the hands of a rookie QB. If we are looking to improve upon what we did last year, putting the offense in the hands of a practical rookie doesnt make a lot of sense, and thus, I would be shocked to see happen this year.

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The only thing I have to contribute here is:

Saunders said his QB philosophy was to tell the QB's to get the ball to the playmakers, and do nothing else. He puts players in formations that help their strengths. This seems to bode well with young quarterbacks, because it gives them a clear cut purpose. Now, who knows how JC will react to the offense, but it seems like he would do very well, especially after watching Brunell all of last year trying to be very conservative.

Conservative is the key for the young guys... You can see what happens when Eli and Simms try to do too much, they get turnovers. JC has watched Brunell be one of the most efficient as far as turnovers go (in the latter of the season.) Now, with a full offseason and preseason to practice, it could look very good for JC.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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