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Rematch Weekend


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It's been pointed out that this weekend, all four playoff games are rematches of regular season games.

Last year, as I understand it, all four playoff games were won by the same team that won in the regular season.

If that trend continues, then we're the only road team winning this weekend.

(I could live with that.)

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let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, but I would rather go to Chicago. I don't see the Bears scoring more than the 10 points on us.

as to this weekend's games, I think Denver could have some problems with the Patriots, I am not at all convinced that Jake Plummer is the guy to beat the defending champs and take the Broncos past the Colts.

I also don't think the Seahawks are as confident as they are letting on. After going 0-3 in the playoffs under Holmgren and not facing the top seeds of the postseason in the regular season, I don't see how anyone could be that sure of success :)

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