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DC......last time we won g'town was nuts. m st. was a parking lot, everyone was partying in the streets passing bottles and beers around (among other things) everyone was so happy it was amazing.

but...lets beat the seahags before we make any plans.

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I say we burn Detriot with Sean Taylor...win or lose. And if we happen to lose this saturday, lets burn Seattle. Everyone up there thinks they're sooooo smart with their laptops and Ipods and mocha chino lattes. Seattle is a weak town with a soft underbelly...Screw those metrosexuals and their Seahawks. Damn I wish I was going to that game, a night out in seattle after a big win would be great...going to all those preppy bars, getting loaded and jawing it up all night. Maybe throw back some shots of Hypnotic and Hennessy with Taylor and just walk the streets spitting in peoples faces, I'll bet noone would do a damn thing about it. I envy those of you who get to do that.

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