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This is why Gibbs wanted Brunell


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Saturday 4:30 vs #1 seed in the NFC

This is why Joe wanted Mark. It has nothing to do with stats or how many TD's he can throw in a game or how hard he throws the ball. It is the chance to pull of a huge upset with his playoff experience. Last week we saw QB's who played their first ever playoff game go 0-4 (feel very bad for Palmer though) Experience in the playoffs is huge unless of course your name is Tom Brady.

Mark beat the # rated Deven Broncos in Denver years ago, but he still went in to a very loud stadium and beat the best team then in the AFC. Joe knew to get back to the Superbowl the only way to do it is with an experienced QB and why he went after Mark.

This Saturday we will see Gibbs plan all come true :)

GO SKINS :cheers::cheers:

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Veteran leadership is valuable. Gibbs could have stuck it out with Ramsey and not approached Brunell about playing, but he didn't. He did the right thing in acquiring Mark Brunell. I think the year Brunell was available in free agency, Drew Bledsoe, Kerry Collins, and a few others were too but there was something about Brunell Gibbs liked.

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I thought he got Brunell because he was old, senile, forgotten the game, blah blah blah, etc etc etc..


Exactly. They've both lost it, they were good long ago but they haven't got it anymore, they should retire and play some shuffleboard until its time for the early bird special. Only us geezers that remember the George Allen glory days realize that old guys can sometimes get it done better than the younguns.

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