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Seattle's Defensive Strengths...


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What are they?

In trying to determine how our run offense will fare on wet field conditions this weekend, I was hoping to get some opinions of the strengths/weaknesses of the Seattle D.

I know thier secondary is supposed to be suspect, but how about thier interior linemen? If we are forced to use Betts often in this game, we will be running between the tackles and so I'm hoping that Seattle is soft in the middle.


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They have a good strong side linebacker rookie, Tatupu, that should've been going to the pro bowl as well. Plays the same position as MW and is utilized in similar fashion; blitz off the edges to confuse the QB. Our runningbacks and tight ends will have to notice that throughout the game.

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If you look at their run defense, they really only played three teams that you'd consider strong running units: Atlanta, Washington, NY Giants. If you wanted to lower the bar a bit, you could consider: Jacksonville and Dallas (More volume running teams: They run a lot, but have a low yards per carry).

The Atlanta game is deceiving because Seattle jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the 2nd quarter, but we'll include it:

Jacksonville: 119 yards

Atlanta: 115 yards

Washington: 141 yards

Dallas: 164 yards

NY Giants: 166 yards

One other note: all these games save for the Giants were in September and October.

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25th against the pass, I think 7th against the run. I just don't feel like looking it up. They lost Ken Hamlin who was their best safety. Some feel that their MLB out of USC should have been the defensive ROY. They are smallish and Santanna Moss should have a field day. Even if he is double covered it should look a lot like the Giants game. The Giants were giving safety help but it still wasn't good enough. The only teams that can really shut us down are teams with good safeties. I think we could easily put up 30 on this team.

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