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I'm sitting in a local club with family and friends this past Friday night.

A gentleman who is long known for debating everything who now is quieted by a battle with cancer comes in. He comes over to me and says " close your eyes and reach into my pocket". I'm thinking, oh hell no am I going to stick my hand into another mans pocket. He insisted but it wasn't his pants pocket it was his coat pocket. So with one eye half open I cautiously reached in and pulled some form of cloth out of it. It was a pair of old Redskins socks that he claims were worn by Joe Theisman. It really doesn't matter if they were. The really cool part was that this once proud man ( now down on his luck and partially defeated by a horrible disease ) made me think. How long has he been carrying these socks around waiting for me to show up at this club ? Is this a parting gift ? It really got me thinking and for once in my life I felt humbled. The next day the Redskins won their first playoff game enroute to the Superbowl. I really feel that these socks are going to carry us to the Superbowl and win.

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Wow, that sounds almost like being visited by an angel. Definately a touching moment and even I am humbled just at the story. I get the feeling it's more than meets the eye and it seems to be beyond what we can understand in the present time. It just has that ora about it.

I'd keep tabs on that man's status. I get the feeling as you said, something may happen in the future to make those socks even more special.

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Yo...I love the Skins and Joey T and memorabilia and all that, but touching another man's dirty socks is pretty nasty!! :laugh:

I know my socks are smelly and all filled with sweat after rugby games...:silly:

That may be true but I prefer to see the upside.

:eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :dallasuck :dallasuck

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