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To all the Pittman/Bucs fans....(a bit long)


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Seeing Pittman swing at Taylor and not get anything for it my be the first time he hits somebody and gets away with it. Check this out:



Super Bowl star Michael Pittman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was arrested after police say he rammed a car carrying his wife, their son and the baby sitter. No one was hurt. Pittman has not been charged and was released from jail. The county attorney will determine whether charges will be filed. The 27-year-old running back was arguing with his wife Saturday about taking the 2-year-old boy to training camp, police Lt. Michael Cecchini said. Pittman was arrested twice on domestic violence charges in the summer of 2001. He also was arrested in 1997, and sentenced to a batterers' treatment program and two years' probation.



Arizona Cardinals running back Michael Pittman and former teammate Mario Bates were arrested in separate domestic violence cases. Pittman was arguing so strenuously with his estranged wife that she locked herself inside a car in fear, police said. Pittman spent Sunday night in jail. Pittman agreed to enter an adult diversion program when he appeared before a Tempe judge Monday and was released. He must undergo counseling and a nine-month anger management program. Pittman went to his wife's Tempe apartment to baby-sit their 1-year-old son while she ran errands. They are separated but not divorced. Police said there was no physical contact, but Pittman was arrested because he was the aggressor. Pittman was arrested in 1997 in Fresno, Calif., where police said he held a former girlfriend by the neck and slammed her face into a car seat. He was sentenced to a batterers' treatment program and two years' probation.



Arizona Cardinals running back Michael Pittman has been arrested for the second time this month after another dispute with his estranged wife, police said Sunday. Pittman was taken into custody about 10 p.m. Saturday night on charges of domestic violence, criminal damage and criminal trespassing, according to Sgt. Randy Fougner, a Tempe police spokesman. The 6-foot, 216-pound Pittman broke a glass door to enter his wife's apartment after he looked in a window and saw her with another man, according to police. Melissa Pittman called 911 while her husband scuffled briefly with the unidentified man, said Fougner, adding that Pittman did not assault his wife. Pittman was released from jail early Sunday and police said it will be up to Maricopa County authorities to determine if he will face additional charges. The Cardinals said Pittman could face disciplinary action from the NFL after his case is settled. The team said it was requiring Pittman to seek counseling in addition to whatever the court orders. Cardinals coach Dave McGinnis said Pittman has been excused from all remaining offseason football-related activities for the time being. ``Michael Pittman has far bigger issues in his life right now than football,'' McGinnis said. ``Misconduct on the part of our players is unacceptable. I am furious Michael put himself back into a position that ended in his arrest last night. Two weeks ago, Michael -- eye to eye -- assured me he would take care of his personal business. Clearly, he has not.'' Pittman, a fourth-round draft pick from Fresno State in 1998, was previously arrested June 10 on a disorderly conduct charge.


Arizona Cardinals running back Michael Pittman will spend part of next week in jail while his teammates prepare for their season opener against Washington. Pittman was arrested twice last summer after domestic violence calls. He was suspended for one game without pay and isn't allowed to visit the team's facility or to have any contact with its coaches. He also was given a five-day jail sentence. One Monday and Wednesday next week, he'll be in jail, completing the sentence he was given after he pleaded guilty in July to charges of criminal trespass and criminal damage. He has been credited with two days served and spent a third in jail a few weeks ago. He said he will try to pass the time in his cell sleeping, but hadn't determined how he'll spent it on Sept. 16 while his teammates are on the playing field in Washington. ``It's going to be very, very tough, watching that game on TV,'' Pittman told The Arizona Republic, ``if I even watch it.'' Meanwhile, he said, he and his wife reconciled during the summer and ``everything is going great.”


According to the St. Petersburg Times, Michael Pittman has an arraignment Tuesday in Arizona on a new felony charge that targets accused repeat offenders of domestic violence. Pittman's attorney, Joel Thompson, said his client's appearance at the arraignment had been waived and he would be entering a plea of not guilty. Pittman’s violation of probation hearing scheduled for Nov. 17 has been pushed back to Jan. 12, the day before his trial on the original aggravated assault charges is to begin.


What a punk b!tch IMO.

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Freaking loser. Violence against women is absolutely unexcusable. Just shows what a pathetic loser you are to take advantage of someone like that. You need those biceps to beat up your wife Pittman? What a pathetic loser.

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wow I didn't know that. he certainly is jacked as **** and could easily make some woman's life a living hell... :mad:

I really hope ST knew this, cuz if he did, I would totally forgive him for spitting on his face (though he would help us more by staying on the field.)

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