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73 points - Pure Domination


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number of points weve outscored our last 5 opponents by.


We have scored 142 points and allowed only 69 points in our last 5 games.

We have averaged 28.5 points in our last five games, and our opponents have only averaged 13.8 points. This Skins team is special, and I really do think that with our talent, and playmakers, that we can be a serious threat in the Postseason.

As long as our injured players get better and are able to play. I dont think we will let Chris Simms have the kind of game he had last time against us. Partly because we now have Sean Taylor back at Safety. He didnt play last time aginst the Bucs. And if Carlos and Shawn get healthy, then that will make our defense even better prepared for the game. If Brunell is able to get even healthier throughout the week, and is back to playing the way he was before his knee injury, then we should be in good position to win. Especially with the way Portis has been running the football.


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And we have a healthy d-line, and linebackers. The only question mark on defense is whether our secondary is going to be healed up, or atleast close to it before the game. If Springs, Rogers and Jimoh are healthy enough to play, then it'll be a long day for the bucs. A healthy defense and a Power and Gut offense will make it hard for the Bucs to stop us. Lets hope Brunell plays well and doesnt committ early and costly turnovers like he did last time against the Bucs.

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I expect as tough a game as the first time agianst Gruden and TB. Even if our secondary gets healed enough to be close to normal. And I expect us to win.

agreed. I just dont see Chris Simms dominating like he did last game against us. It'll be a battle of running backs and of defense. Who evers defense and RB's do the best will probably win the game.

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One more time.....

If we play Tampa like we played two days ago, our goose is cooked.

If we play Tampa like we played Dallas and NY, we move on and the bucs can watch from the comfort of their own EZ-Boys!

Life is good.

Patten: 'I pity those poor ****s, I really do!"


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As well as the Skins outscored their opponents in the second half of those 5 games by a score of 70-18...the Skins only allowed one TD in the second half of those 5 games.

Wow i didnt know that. Thats a pretty good stat considering 3 of the 5 were on the road. If we play Tampa the way we have been playing for the last 3 games, it'll be a long day for the Bucs.

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