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Media Truce


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I know I've seen something like this but can't find it in the search.......

Can we subside a little from the whole bashing of the media?

Let's enjoy the victory, the playoffs, the dreams of greater triumphs.

The whole..."we got disrespected by this guy or that network" is getting very old. We're even reading meaning into minute things. It's become an obsession that doesn't reflect well upon us.

SO, we've been disrespected and over-looked...big deal !!

We earning the respect right now.

I know many of us has also disrepected the media.

There are many unflattering nicknames we've penned for some of our

favorite targets.

Let's not sound like disgruntled and sour fans.

Steer towards the positive and let bygones be bygones.

There are many good reasons the 'Skins have fallen on the downward

side of many media outlets...some of which may never be fully disclosed.

Play on the field the past 12 years or so also hasn't done much to enhance belief in us. It's natural that most people not closely following the 'Skins

would doubt. We all here have doubted at various times.

It's a new dawn with the latest playoff draw.

Let the new Legacy begin fresh and let's concentrate on the

things that truly matter.......our guys and the game ahead.

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Good post, Bangee7. It's easy to get defensive about the team we all love. The truth of the matter is that we've endured a playoff drought, and that's going to bring negative press. But the level of attack unleashed by the swarm for the merest hint of a slight gets to be unseemly.

Beside, things will be different now - we're starting to see it already.


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At first the way your post looked I thought you made a poem lol.

Anyways yea the media thing is definately old. I go to a Miami Dolphins forum quite frequently and they all claim the same thing. "Did you hear what Berman said blahblbah...That stupid Bill's homer." etc. I'm sure almost every team fans thinks they get disrespected by the media.

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