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Banged up secondary

Captain Chaos47

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The condition of our secondary is going to be one of the top stories this week in Redskinland. I have heard some people suggest giving DG a call. I also saw on an injury report that Matt Bowen might be back for this game. If Bowen could come back then maybe they could slide Taylor over to corner? What happens here? Do we just pump Springs full of cortozone and hope for the best? What do you think the mastermind Williams will cook up for us this week to take care of this problem?

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I love how there is already an "injury report" even though teams don't release them until late in the week, let alone hours after a game when injuries aren't fully diagnosed.


CB Ade Jimoh ( rib )


CB Shawn Springs (Groin)


RB Clinton Portis ( shoulder)

SS Matt Bowen (Knee)

QB Mark Brunell (Knee)

T Chris Samuels (Ankle)

DE Renaldo Wynn (Foot)

CB Carlos Rogers (Biceps)

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Carlos should be back if I'm not mistaken. I know the kids in pain but we really need him this weekend. We need one CB to smother Galloway and the rest should be managable, I mean considering what we were left with tonight I think the DB's played pretty solid in the second half.

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