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Playoff Tix in Tampa Needed...


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I know this isnt the right forum and please excuss me, but I wanted to make sure all see it....

I am looking for 6-8 tickets to the Skins game against Tampa. I live in New Port Richey and have friends and 3 brothers that want to go....If anyone finds or get tickets, please let me know...WE ARE ALL SKINS FANS...No buc fans with me...I wont allow it:laugh: .....

Please email me directly at dj1288@yahoo.com or call me via cell 727-946-0266...Thanks


Big Skins Fan in Florida...Go Skins

#1 BUC HATER here

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your right about the fair weather fans...I have a bunch of friends here that ARE tampa suc fans and they all try and convert me and convience me I SHOULD root for the bucs since in Live near tampa...and I DO.....for them to LOSE EVERY week.. :silly: I tell them they dont know about loyaty or tradition until you become a skins fan....:notworthy :point2sky \

Having said that, I hope some of our season ticket holder buys tickets and gets down here to help me with these suc fans this week...and if you dont plan to come down, but some tix and sell them to us that WILL have a hard time getting them from tampa fans :mad:

Lets go skins and take it back home with us when yall go back to DC

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Bad news about the ones on ebay:

  • As I understand it, as a Florida resident, you are only allowed to bid up to face value for the tickets, but out-of-state people can bid higher. (And I expect them to sell for more then face value.)
  • There are some tickets offered with a "Buy It Now" tag on them, but all the ones I've seen are sucky tickets. (Upper deck, row DD, in the corner).
  • There are some good ones available, but those auctiones don't close for a few days which means you likely won't find out that you've been outbid by somebody from out-of-state 'till it's too late to get one somewhere else.

(Get the impression I'm feeling negative? Sorry. Just nerves.)

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