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Ok, what's the deal with the kickoffs?


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do you guys even know what you want?

Hall has done fine, and hes a stud tackler as far ass kickers go and hell as far as some cornerbacks we you use to have ::coughsmootcoughdeoncough::

KR returns are almost never get past the 30, and hes been pretty accurate on fg's.

The people nut jugglin janokowski really should check out his stats at nfl.com, goto scores and then play-by-play and look at his last couple games. Sure hes gotten kick offs inside the ten alot, but almost everyone gets returned well over the 30. I think sometimes you guys just dig and dig for something to hate on, and you dont think it through fully. There are many dynamics to kickers than just the length it goes from tee to returner, and return yardage is a pretty good indicator of hang time. If the kicker is just bee lining the ball down the returner has plenty of time to get yards while the coverage is trying to catchup with the ball.

if your gonna hate atleast do us fans a service to research it and substaniate your hate with meaningfull data.

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