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Opinions on Lavar Arrington (Merged 2X)


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I'm admittedly tierd and cranky. I just brought light to my day when the wife brought our "Fathead Skins Helmet" home and slapped in on the basement wall next to our shrine. I come here to see this yet again...

Bash, bash, bash...:blahblah:

I sincerely hope that once LA puts up the unreachable numbers some of you have placed on him, then, and only then, will you get behind this team 100%.

Until then all I can honestly say is :stfu: and bring on the Eagles!

:eaglesuck :point2sky

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"Truer words have never been spoken...if there's one thing I've learned about sports fans, and fans on Extremeskins in particular, it's that they will go from hot to cold and back to hot again over a player, and the entire team, in a matter of seconds...just depends upon what good ESPN highlight-worthy play they just witnessed during the game."

too funny! lmao.

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I am confused by his comments. LA wants to stay in DC, but if he doesn't, thats ok because he doesn't really care about football unless he is allowed to play the way he wants, and be himself because he sells more jerseys than any other player. Did i get this wrong? Or is this his basic statement.

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