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I had a nightmare yesterday!


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]']if it makes you feel any better' date=' i had a dream we dropped 35 (again) on the iggles and let up 10.[/quote']

ahhh...that does make me feel better.

it was just one of those so close but not there yet dreams.


i wonder what kind of dreams the players are having.

i'm not worried about lavar. this is fodder for the fans.

at the end of the day? when it's time to play?

and if/when the coaches decided to put him in?

Lavar will deliver.

But #53 is the best LB we got. Just sayin.

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Guest GibbSkins11

during big games i have a dream about them , some good some bad , but the good news is ..................

IT WAS JUST A DREAM:cheers: SKINS MAKE THEIR OWN FATE , WE WIN WERE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was feeling pretty good about our chances Sunday until all this LA drama sprang up. This is a pretty big distraction the team has to overcome before the biggest game of the season. We are on the road where we are only 3-4, facing elimination, and now we have this mess to deal with. I hope it is just nerves, but I'm really starting to worry about this game.

Joe Gibbs has it under controll brotha, We will play much better then these skeered to death fans think we will. As pumped and as focused as the Redskins are going into this game, Philly is getting strait up smacked in the mouth!!!! :eaglesuck

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