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Single season rushing/receiving & misc. records


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While examining the single season rushing record holders for each team, I was astonished to find that the Redskins record trailed that of every other team except for newcomers Jacksonville and Houston. You would think that a team with the storied history that the Redskins have would rank higher. Stephen Davis broke this record in 2001 and is the only leading rusher on the list for two different teams.

Team Single Season Rushing Record Holders

Team, Record Holder, Yards, Season

Arizona Cardinals, Ottis Anderson, 1,605, 1979

Atlanta Falcons, Jamal Anderson, 1,846, 1998

Baltimore Ravens, Jamal Lewis, 2,066, 2003

Buffalo Bills, O.J. Simpson, 2,003, 1973

Carolina Panthers, Stephen Davis, 1,444, 2003

Chicago Bears, Walter Payton, 1,852, 1977

Cincinnati Bengals, Rudi Johnson, 1,454, 2004

Cleveland Browns, Jim Brown, 1,863, 1963

Dallas Cowboys, Emmitt Smith, 1,773, 1995

Denver Broncos, Terrell Davis, 2,008, 1998

Detroit Lions, Barry Sanders, 2,053, 1997

Green Bay Packers, Ahman Green, 1,883, 2003

Houston Texans, Domanick Davis, 1,180, 2004

Indianapolis Colts, Edgerrin James, 1,709, 2000

Jacksonville Jaguars, Fred Taylor, 1,399, 2000

Kansas City Chiefs, Priest Holmes, 1,615, 2002

Miami Dolphins, Ricky Williams, 1,853, 2002

Minnesota Vikings, Robert Smith, 1,521, 2000

New England Patriots, Corey Dillon, 1,635, 2004

New Orleans Saints, George Rogers, 1,674, 1981

New York Giants, Tiki Barber, 1,518, 2004

New York Jets, Curtis Martin, 1,697, 2004

Oakland Raiders, Marcus Allen, 1,759, 1985

Philadelphia Eagles, Wilbert Montgomery, 1,512, 1979

Pittsburgh Steelers, Barry Foster 1,690, 1992

St. Louis Rams, Eric Dickerson, 2,105, 1984

San Diego Chargers, LaDanian Tomlinson, 1,683, 2002

San Francisco 49ers, Garrison Hearst, 1,570, 1998

Seattle Seahawks, Shaun Alexander, 1,696, 2004

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, James Wilder, 1,544, 1984

Tennessee Titans, Earl Campbell, 1,934, 1980

Washington Redskins, Stephen Davis, 1,432, 2001

Clinton Portis has 1,404 yards and should certainly break the record this week. Santana Moss has 1,400 receiving yards and can break Bobby Mitchell's record of 1,436 yards set in 1963. A win comes first, but Portis and Moss are so close that average production in the scheme of a win should get them both the records. Ray Brown, at 43 years old, is the oldest lineman to play in the modern NFL. Mark Brunell needs 104 yards passing to become the 27th QB in NFL history to reach 30,000 (again, very doable in the overall scheme). Chris Cooley (69, 2005) broke the Redskins receptions record for TEs held by Jerry Smith (67, 1967).

Redskins Record Holders

Category Name, Year Record

Rushing Yards Stephen Davis, 2001 1,432

Passing Yards Jay Schroeder, 1986 4,109

Passing TDs Sonny Jurgensen, 1967 31

Receptions Art Monk, 1984 106

Receiving Yards Bobby Mitchell, 1963 1,436

Interceptions Dan Sandifer, 1948 13

Punting Avg. Sammy Baugh, 1940 51.4

Field Goals Mark Moseley, 1983 33

Touchdowns John Riggins, 1983 24

Points Mark Moseley, 1983 161

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Here are a couple of other smaller team milestones that Mark Brunell and Clinton Portis can/have achieved.

After Sunday's performance, Clinton Portis has entered the top 10 list of alltime Redskins rushers after only two seasons. :cheers:

Here's the list.

1. John Riggins 7472

2. Larry Brown 5875

3. Stephen Davis 5790

4. Terry Allen 4086

5. Earnest Byner 3950

6. Cliff Battles 3511

7. Mike Thomas 3359

8. Don Bosseller 3112

9. George Rogers 2909


Mark Brunell is currently the 4th rated passer in Redskins history :rubeyes: :thud: and can move past Mark Rypien if Brunell has a solid game against the Eagles.

QB ratings (min 600 attempts)

1. Brad Johnson 84.05

2. Sonny Jurgensen 83.86

3. Mark Rypien 80.20

4. Mark Brunell 79.30

5. Doug Williams 79.14

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Is that punting average of Sammy Baugh measured the same way punts are now? Because 51.4 is just sick...

Yes, it is. In 1943, Sammy Baugh (still with a healthy 45.9 punting average) was the first of three players in NFL history to win the fabled "Triple Crown."

Baugh led the NFL in passing with 133 completions, 1,754 yards, & 23 touchdowns; led the NFL in punting with 50 punts for a 45.9-yard average. Last, he led the NFL with 11 interceptions returned for 112 yards. The others to win the triple crown were Steve Van Buren (rushing, scoring, kick returns) in 1945 and Bill Dudley (rushing, punt returns, interceptions) in 1946. As for Baugh, he won a record-setting six NFL passing titles and earned first-team All-NFL honors seven times in his career. Sammy also led the NFL in punting four straight years from 1940 through 1943.

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