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Shannon Sharpe says AFC will win Superbowl


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Personally I don't buy that. The AFC teams have just as many issues going on. Yes, the Broncos are good, BUT they only beat Washington by 2, Dallas by 3 and lost to the Giants. The Bengals are good, but they aren't play-off harden yet. Patroits and Steelers are doing better, but then so are the Skins. The mighty Colts still have to figure out how to deal with what they have going on right now, until they recover.. I'm not sure I see them making it anymore.

I honestly think this will be one of the better/ closer Superbowls in awhile.

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considering we haven't beat an AFC team in two years, I gotta agree

Yeah but consider how close just our games were with AFC opponents this year.

Broncos 19-21 L

Chiefs 21-28 L

Raiders 13-16 L

Chargers 17-23 L

All pretty close and down to the wire.

I think the skins have a real shot at it this year to at least make it to the second round. In all of our losses we have a combined point difference of 56 points. Minus the 36-0 shellacking by the giants, and we lost 5 games 20 points total. Add how great the Redskins have been clicking lately. :D

Whew! I'm getting goosebumps here from the excitement!


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