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My First Redskins game...


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Here's my 2500th post.

Thank you Santana Claus for one of the best Christmas presents I have ever gotten! The Redskins-Giants game was the first NFL game I have ever attended, and I could not have asked for a better show.

Let's me give a bit of autobiographical perspective...

I suppose it is somewhat fortuitous that when my parents came to America, they first lived in Texas, in 1977, when the University of Texas Longhorns season ended at the hands of Joe Montana and Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl. They picked up football faster than they picked up English, and in 1980 they came to the Maryland suburbs of DC ... I was born in 1981 - the same year that Joe Gibbs began coaching the Washington Redskins.

I grew up a huge Redskins fan, as did my younger brother, but we never went to a game ... Our parents came from humble means and saw pricey tickets as a luxury item. However, this year my brother turned 21, and I am finally finishing school with a job offer in hand. I knew I had to make it to a game this year, and I couldn't think of a better Christmas present for my brother. He just turned 21 in October, and I got him a Santana Moss jersey. I bought tickets for this game two weeks ago off of an Extremeskins member in the Classifieds.

The game was worth every penny - I loved the crowd ... we were amped from the opening drive, devastated by an early interception, fired up over a blocked field goal, irate over questionable calls before halftime, encouraging for a backup quarterback, and ecstatic over the brilliant play of Santana Moss. It was a great great football game, and it was a perfect day.

It was so great to be able to take my brother to this game, and have it go so well ... It really puts meaning into the idea that giving is better than receiving ... I couldn't have imagined a much better Christmas Eve.

And now for some serious observations from someone watching their first live NFL game ...

- Watching live really made me appreciate Santana Moss. All 3 of his TD's today would not have been TD's in the hands of any other receiver. Both Brunell and Ramsey did not make great throws, but Santana made great adjustments to turn the passes into TD's ... He truly was Santana Claus on that field.

- We have perfected the WR screen like no other team in the NFL, and it is because of our incorporation of the H-Back. I haven't seen any other team use pulling guards or H-Back's as well as we do in the quick screen game, and it really opens up some big holes. On Moss's first TD, Sellers threw a huge block as he came in motion across the line. I give Gibbs huge credit for designing that play to perfection.

- Watching the games live gave me a much better feel for the rhythm of the game, and in particular, the way the run can set up the pass. We pounded the ball early in the game even though we were having limited success, but so many of our big pass plays came off run-fakes - the second TD to Moss on the bootleg and the halfback pass could not have been executed without committing to the run early and often.

- This team just looks simply unbeatable right now. Our defense plays with so much confidence and energy, and our offense is executing to perfection. We're going to manhandle Philly next week, and we're going to give a lot of teams trouble in the playoffs.

I know this will only be the first of many games I will be attending, and I know this will only be the first of many meaningful late-season games for the Redskins. I also know that this will be the 2500th of many more posts I will be making on this site ... So for today, let me wish a Merry Christmas to all at Extremeskins!

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These are the kinds of posts that i love to read. I have never made the trip to my football mecca and seen my skins play in fedex but i plan to do so soon. I am glad that you had a great experience and a merry christmas to you and every redskins fan out there.

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Nice man, It is good to see that you enjoyed the game. I've only been to 4 or 5 games and none in the past 2 years while Gibbs was here. Seeing them in person is awesome, however, I never get to see them in person unless the team is doing badly (my dad's friends give him tickets if they dont wanna go). I really want to see a skins game at FedEx soon.

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