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My Personal favorite was seing Drew Brees put no points on the board after Marty named him the starter ... and then seeing Doug flutie come in and move the team up and down the field effortlessly. Marty should know, doug is a Gamer.

I think this will be interesting, because Flutie's excitement will make him the fan favorite, and Marty will not want to eat crow. This is very similar to coming in an pushing D.Green to back ... and very tough public relations move, and you better be right if you do it.

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Originally posted by Larry

Just a dumb question:

Had Flutie ever played on a team where people weren't saying he was better than the starter?

Good point... I think it's because most people have a tendancy to root for the underdog. Because of his small stature, he's always the underdog.

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