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Cooley's Big Day: I applaud ME

Major Harris

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as fans, we would like to think that we have somehow made a difference, willing our team to victory. whether it's screaming our head off from the stands at fed-ex, karma threads on ES, etc., we try our best to help our team out.

i feel that i did that in a small way. i feel like my question, asked in the cooley chat ( http://extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130235&highlight=cooley+chat ), inspired cooley to really stick it to the cowboys, and the tuna in particular.

i'm sure there will be naysayers that say the game itself was motivation, or that it didn't take me to remind him of it and so on. and you know what, they are probably right. but all i know is that every time cooley scored and they showed parcells with that hilariously disgusted look on his face that he had all day yesterday, i thought of the chat and my question. i'll enjoy myself regardless.

and i'd be remissed if i didn't say thanks to ES for providing me with the chance to inspire one of our best players to a huge-mongous day against the hated cowboys in the biggest game in years.

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