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Cris Carter on Parcells


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From his column Still the one, just 13-1, Cris Carter had this to say:

3. Mark Brunell. His four-touchdown performance definitely was something the Washington Redskins needed. Brunell has been inconsistent from a passing standpoint all season long, so there was no better time for him to play his best game, especially against a division rival like the Dallas Cowboys.

and this:

1. Dallas Cowboys. All of their games have been so close (until Sunday), but you can't help but think that the Bill Parcells experiment is failing in Dallas. The Cowboys entered Sunday's game in position for the No. 2 wild card, but after losing to Washington they fell behind the Redskins and Vikings. I wouldn't want to be in the Cowboys' locker room this week. Parcells might've pulled a Bobby Knight and had the Cowboys practice once they got off the plane.

Click on the link for the full column

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I think he may be losing the team. Such a contrast of coaches and he uses fear and intimidation. That gets old after a while. With 'soldiers' like Meshawn trying to step up and chew people out, it only cause push back and a broken locker room.

They deserve what they get. I don't think Dallas wins anymore this year.

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