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Bills cut DE Erik Flowers; is he any good? if so, should we be interested?


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After checking around with some Bills fans, all of them who had an opinion of him hated his guts . . . don't know if he didn't perform well in Buffalo cuz he was adjusting to new systems or if he just svcked . . .

In any case, with a review like that, I doubt we'll see him here . . .

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I don't know. In general, I'm against shelving guys you have had for all camp to pick up a guy that gets cut in disgrace from another team, unless (like at guard) the situation is desperate.

At DE, we have Smith and Wynn to start. L. Jackson has come along well and should make the roster as a pass-rushing specialist. And now Powell looked good as well. Do we need another DE at the expense of Jackson or Powell?

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I am all in favor of adding an extra younger defensive lineman but as others have said I don't want to trade an attitude case for a guy like Arp or Powell that has worked hard and put out maximum effort in the preseason.

you need some overachievers on your team to keep the stars focused on the ball, so to speak.

I remember Larry Bird once crediting Eric Fernsten a backup center with helping get the Celtics to an NBA championship.

He said the guy made him and Robert Parish work so hard in practice that they were well prepared for the pounding under the boards in the games :)

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