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Notice to Skins Fans: Don't EVER leave early!

PC Gator

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If the newbee Gator/Skins fans around here can teach you anything, it's don't, under any circumstance, leave the game early. just don't do it.

Yes, this comeback means little to nothing in the grand scheme of things but it is a classic SOS game. Just keep on pitching and catching it and good things will happen.

GO SKINS!!! Next up the Bucs!!

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You are right PC Gator, never leave the game early. I never leave early because 1) you never know what will happen next, 2) you only have 10 games a year(if you don't make the play offs with a home game), and 3) the tickets cost to much for you to leave early.:D Even when the weather is bad(Cards game last season) I didn't leave early. I allways stay to the end and then go and have a beer at the 5 qt party and watch all the other fans fight traffic out of the stadium for an hour or so, then I leave. Except for last night, I left right after the game and drove streight out of Fed-Ex on to Rt.202 to I-95 with no problems and back ups. Thanks to all the wine and cheesers that left early. :laugh:

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