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Did anyone catch that hit ST planted on some Ram on that punt coverage???


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They started replaying that Bruce hit but cut cause right before the hit b/c the Rams were in hurry-up. He covered so much ground coming up from the safety position.

No, that was a different one than the one I'm talking bout. The one I'm talking about was in the third quarter. The one you are talking about was on the Rams last drive and was caught by Kevin Curtis. That was good hit, too.

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I like how he gets into everyone's face during the game. After he commited that personal foul against Isaac Bruce, he was in his face and the ref came over to break it up. Then on the next play as both teams were getting into their formations, FOX showed ST while he was pointing and beating his chest (probably at Bruce). Every team needs a mean guy like that if they want to successful. The offense is always afraid of ST.

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