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Rams Vs skins.


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Hello I am a ram fan and i am here to break down the strengths and weaknesses of both the rams and the skins. first off the rams.

RAMS- strength offense Torry holt, isaac bruce,steven jackson,ryan fitzpatrick.

kevin curtis, and the rest of the offense.

RAMS- weakness defense Our corners are improving but still arent the best yet.

Our rush Defense is starting to improve, now we have to stop clinton portis.

REDSKINS-Strength Offense Clinton Portis,santana moss,mark brunell,rock cartwright, and a solid O-line.

REDSKINS-Weakness The run Defense has been better but has declined in recent weeks. cornerback carlos rogers, he is a rookie and will have to play like an all star to stop torry holt.but overall the redskins Defense is very stout and will soon be back to the dominant days. PREDICTION RAMS-31 REDSKINS-24.

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STATEMENT GAME... great play both sides of redskins. They score early and often, Portis runs for over 70 yards in second half as they run away with the TOP and give our defense some rest. Skins 31 - 10. And im not gonna say fitzpatrick sucks or anything but if i were a rookie qb i would wish my first start was against the texans. One game doesnt prove anything... look at the skins and 49ers game, that proved a lot..sarcasim(sp?). GOSKINS47

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hey i am only telling you the truth. and rock cartwright is a fullback. that is why he is not even a second string running back

Rock Cartwright is 3rd string behind Ladell Betts, Mike Sellers is the fullback, and Chris Cooley is the H-back. I don't think you can consider Fitzpatrick a strength yet, he has only played one game against a less than stellar defense.

If he gets pressure on him he could make some mistakes and our D will capitalize. Go Skins. :logo:

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