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Running the Table sounds ludicrous, but it can be done......


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If you consider San Diego the toughest team left on our schedule, and after suffering another CLOSE loss, then it to me, it is completely possible to win the rest of our games.

The key to me really is making sure Gibbs and Greg Williams are reassuring the team that they are still in it, and there is still a LOT to play for.

My only concern in fact is that the team is up for the Rams & The Cardinals. Two non-division games that for all intensive purposes, we should win. I have no doubt that ending the season against the Giants/Cowboys/Eagles is a good thing because if we are 7-6 going into those games, we are truly going to get the best effort from our team, hell even if we go into that stretch at 6-7, win out and you are 9-7, and still give your team a slight chance for the playoffs.

These last five games are going to be just as much about preperation and proper motivation as they are about execution and x's & o's.

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If you don't believe it can happen why even watch? I am not ready to throw in the towel yet.

I agree with both of these statements. There are way too many reactionaries on this board who just sit at home and wait for the day that they can proclaim the season "over". **** them, lets keep playing to win. :point2sky

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