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LOST fans, would you help me please??


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My wife and I rented the first DVD of LOST season one. Since then we have put in overtime watching the other episodes. Well, we are finally on the last DVD with the final five episodes and we are planning on watching them tonight.

I know that LOST is in its second season. The problem is we are kinda hooked on the show and want to watch the previous season two episodes up to the current show coming up.

Does anyone know if they will rereun the LOST episodes soon?

Are any of you guys fans enough that you are recording the show? Would you be willing to help me out if you are recording the show?

Thanks for the information and help!!

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I would like to know as well if they will re-air the first season, I only got into it a few weeks ago when a friend who came up made us watch the first 4 episodes. Needless to say, my roommates and I got hooked right off.

You could go to you blockbuster and rent the first season. I am guessing you could also buy the first season and when you are done you could sell them on ebay....

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I will recap season two for you right now to get you up to speed.

OMG I gotta go in the hatch like now, OMG something got kate in the hatch. OMG dude Ive wanted to meet you, crazy clock thing is that artificial sunlight cause your down here all the time. Nice rack kate crawling in air duct. OMG cant just let those two go in the, OMG your that dude. Nice rack kate crawling in air duct.

OMG this sucks, this raft blows. OMG scary fishy with big toofuses. Jin what are you saying, "OTHERS you idiots". Nice pit, you come here often. OMG sir you kick much butt. nice stick. lets go hiking, mike says OMG I gotta find my boy, ofcourse.

rewind a couple episodes, nice rack kate crawling in air duct.

OMG lets hide in a bush, creepy creepy walk bye footuses.

nice quite beach, OMG its raining men. OMG Im in a tree, grab tree or die old man. OMG were are we going, we are disappearing. OMG why hasnt anyone banged anna-lucia, tough chicks need the bone too. OMG its the pit for you, I was gonna kill the other guy but now its you I stick my shaft into. Lets get moving. Extended episode special bit, yawn. Die you annoying ho!

OMG you shoot I kill you dead, ok I love you now just not in that way. OMG a dingo shot my baby, I kill you dirty dog cause I have buns of steel. Jack says OMG so many vaginas, which one will take my seed Ive got so much back up must decide.

There ya go, your caught up.

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